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Over 30 years of appraisal and evaluation services

The Firing Line, LLC

The Firing Line is an existing firearms business established in 1983.

The Firing Line does not maintain a retail sales outlet, but offers Quality firearms appraisals and evaluations for insurance and estate planning purposes. In-state and out-of-state transfer of firearms are also provided.

 Pistol-smithing services including complete assembly and disassembly and Ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication using the Quandrex Series System.

Proper short and long term firearms storage services are also available.

In state and out of state transfer of firearms from FFL to FFL. 
Assembly and dis-assembly of firearms. Commercial cleaning and short and long term storage options. ​


The Firing Line Poughkeepsie,N.Y.

Evaluations are for those times you wish to establish a value for your own knowledge and use. Especially helpful prior to trade o sale. 



Formal appraisals are available for insurance and estate needs. Photo documentation with certification of values provided.